Rubricas de Evaluación

Elementary Six-Point Scoring Rubric

                              (<=59)                                     (60-69%)        (70-74%)                                      (75-79%)                                     (80-86%)                                   (87-93%)                                 (94-100%)      

The meaning and development of the message
·  Searching for a topic
·  Limited information
·  Vague details
·  Random thoughts
·  Hints at topic
·  Reader left with many unanswered questions
·  Sporadic details
·  Glimmer of main point

·  General topic
·  Reasonably clear ideas
·  Details present but not precise
·  Shows some specifics
·  Topic fairly narrowed
·  New ways of thinking about topic attempted
·  Credible details with some support
·  Writer understands
·  Narrow, manageable topic
·  Clear and focused; answers’ readers questions
·  Relevant, accurate details enrich theme
·  Shows insight into topic
· Unique treatment of topic
· In-depth understanding of topic
· Unusual details go beyond the obvious
· Makes connections; shares insights effectively
The internal structure of the piece
·  No lead or conclusion
·  Sequencing not present
·  No awareness of pacing
·  Hard to follow
·  Ineffective lead and conclusion
·  Some sequencing apparent
·  Pacing awkward
·  Some attempt at structure

·  Routine lead and conclusion
·  More logical sequencing
·  Pacing generally under control
·  Common structures detract from content
·  Effective lead and conclusion
·  Sequencing works well
·  Well-controlled pacing
·  Common structures have smooth flow
·  Inviting introduction and satisfying conclusion
·  Effective sequencing
·  Pacing is creative
·  Structure begins to reveal theme
· Introduction and conclusion are unique but connected
· Masterful sequencing
· Artful pacing used for stylistic effect
· Powerful purpose shows commitment
The way the writer brings the topic to life
·  No concern for audience
·  Lifeless and mechanical
·  Flat or inappropriate
·  Purpose not present
·  Occasionally aware of audience
·  General statements require reader interpretation
·  Tries to engage
·  Hints at purpose
·  Writer begins to connect with the reader
·  Pleasing, yet “safe”
·  Write/reader connection fades in and out
·  Purpose inconsistent
·  Writer occasionally intrigues the reader
·  Pleasing; takes risks
·  Engages reader most of the time
·  Purpose consistent
·  Interesting and informative
·  Takes effective risks
·  Reflects interest and commitment in topic
·  Purpose shows clarity and understanding
· Compelling and engaging
· Writer goes out on a limb
· Displays ownership of the topic
· Powerful purpose shows commitment
Word Choice
The specific vocabulary the writer uses to convey meaning
·  Vocabulary is limited
·  Simple words used incorrectly
·  No figurative language
·  Words do not convey meaning
·  Generally correct words; no spice
·  Language is functional
·  Attempts at interesting words
·  Words convey general meaning
·  Some active verbs and precise nouns
·  A moment or two of sparkle
·  Experiments with figurative language
·  Words begin to enhance meaning
·  Effective and creative verbs and nouns
·  Wording mostly correct
·  Accurate use of figurative language
·  Words begin to enhance meaning
·  Precision with words and phrases
·  Wording works effectively
·  Figurative language is effective
·  Words and phrases create picture
· Powerful, engaging, and “just-right” words
· Wording is accurate and precise
· Artful use of figurative language
· Words and phrases create lingering images
Sentence Fluency
The mechanical correctness of the piece
·  Choppy, run on or incomplete
·  No “sentence sense”
·  Oral reading is not possible
·  Repetitive beginnings
·  Some simple sentences
·  Occasional connecting word use
·  Oral reading difficult
·  Attempts variation in sentence beginnings
·  Attempts compound and complex sentences
·  Sentences usually connect
·  Parts invite oral reading
·  Sentences begin in different ways
·  Begins to have easy flow and rhythm
·  Strong and varied structure
·  Oral reading encourages expression in places
·  Sentences well crafted
·  Rhythm and flow feel natural
·  Creative use of sentence length and structure
·  Invites expressive reading
·  Sentences relate and build upon one another
· Carefully honed cadences
· Exquisitely constructed sentences
· Reading aloud is a breeze
· Sentences enhance meaning
The mechanical correctness of the piece

For all work

·  Spelling errors impede readability
·  Incorrect punctuations and capitalization
·  Spelling errors even on easy words
·  Errors on basic punctuation and capitalization
·  Some usage and grammar errors
·  Occasional use of paragraphing
·  Spelling generally correct on basic words
·  Routine punctuation and capitalization
·  Grammar errors infrequent
·  Consistent paragraphing
·  Few spelling errors even on more difficult words
·  Consistent use of punctuation and capitalization
·  Grammar and usage correct
·  Correct use of paragraphing
·  Spelling correct even on more difficult words
·  Accurate use of punctuation and capitalization
·  Standard grammar and usage under control
·  Sound and creative paragraphing
· Uses unique spellings for style
· Stylistic use of punctuation/capitalization
· Grammar and usage contribute to clarity and style
· Paragraphing is stylistically effective
The overall appearance of the work

For all work

·  Handwriting unreadable
·  Random spacing or lack of spacing
·  Poor use of white space
·  Overall appearance unacceptable
·  Handwriting poor
·  Some thought given to spacing
·  Attempts at margins and headers
·  Overall appearance distracting
·  Handwriting mostly readable but inconsistent
·  Attempts consistent spacing
·  Margins and headers affective
·  Overall appearance is acceptable
·  Legible handwriting
·  Spacing improves clarity
·  Experiments with graphic elements
·  Overall appearance shows balance and proportion
·  Handwriting is consistent
·  Good balance of space and text
·  Effectively integrates graphic elements
·  Overall appearance makes it easy to read
· Handwriting shows uniform start spacing and letter formation
· White space and test work in harmony
· Graphic elements and text are synchronized and aligned
· Overall appearance is pleasing

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